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Although lubricants have been used for centuries to smooth the way for masturbation and anal play, many couples don't realize how great lubricants are when having vaginal intercourse. Just a drop or two of lubricant can add to solo sex, partner sex or sex-toy play.

A lubricant is a water- or silicone-based mixture used to make masturbation or intercourse more pleasurable by enhancing or providing a slippery feel. Ingredients (which can include flavoring and herbs) and prices vary, but water-based lubes are the most widely used as they are appropriate for most sex toys (they won't cause damage to pricey silicone and realistic materials) and are generally safe for use with condoms. Silicone-based lubes are generally for use in water, but are also popular with couples because they don't usually become absorbed, thereby reducing or eliminating the need for reapplication. Lubricant also comes in many forms: liquid, gel and thicker creams. Thicker lubes are often used for anal play.

You might also try massage oils or lotions and warming oils: while these types of lubricants aren't good for vaginal or anal lubrication, they do add a nice, slippery dimension to your sexual experiences, creating an inviting atmosphere of warmth, intimacy and sensuality. At the very least, regular use of lubricants and oils will spice up your sex life. offers the best in sex lubricants. You will find detailed and up-to-date information about lubricant products. Shopping for adult lubricants online is the ideal solution. Shopping online is a discreet, easy and convenient way for people to order sex lubricants from the privacy of their own homes.

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Anal Lubricant
Anal LubricantDelve deep into anal pleasures with these lubricants. They provide great sexual satisfaction!
Condom Lubricant
Condom LubricantThese personal lubricants are great to use with condoms.
Flavored Lubricant
Flavored LubricantJust like good sex, ultra yummy edible lubricants are  sassy!
Gel Lubricant
Gel LubricantNon-staining, water based, moisturizing, water soluble and condom compatible gel lubricants.
Silicone Lubricant
Silicone Lubricant Softens the movement between bodies allowing ultimate pleasure.
Warming Lubricant
Warming LubricantFeel the heat ! These sultry sensual lubricants create warming sensations with every touch.
Water Based Lubricant
Water Based LubricantWater based  personal lubricants that make all of your intimate sexual occasions  memorable.
Water Based
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